Trade War Hasn't Stopped Chinese Companies From Listing in the US: Nasdaq

Tensions between Washington and Beijing may have dominated business headlines throughout the year, but that did not stop Chinese companies from flocking to the U.S. to list on stock exchanges there.

In fact, there were more Chinese initial public offerings in the U.S. this year compared to 2017.

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Why China's Tech Companies Are Rushing To Go Public Now

A new wave of Chinese tech companies are rushing to sell their shares through initial public offerings (IPO), with at least one listing reportedly attracting interest from the three wealthiest people in greater China. But pricey valuations are proving to be a hard sell to other investors against a backdrop of escalating trade tensions.

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Chinese Firms Secure Half of World's Top 10 Biggest IPOs in 2018

Chinese firms swept half of the globe's top 10 biggest initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2018, with a surge in overseas flotations, a report by international accounting firm EY showed.

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Company Spotlight - MDJM, Ltd

MDJM Ltd offers primary real estate agency services to real estate developers, including integrated marketing planning, advertising planning and strategy. It also provides real estate consulting services and independent training services on an as-needed basis.

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